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Urskumug - Pāreja (The Passover)

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  1. By Grogore on
    The Passover Seder meal is a multi-sensory teaching experience, instituted by God himself, in order to prevent the people from forgetting. It involves sight, smell, taste and touch, and was designed to teach generation after generation the amazing story, and to keep it alive in the Jewish collective memory.
  2. By Nern on
    Urskumug (former - Raven) came to be in in Rīga, Latvia, when the twosome of Krauklis (guitar / voice) and Slayorda (keys) was joined by Maero (guitar). Ever since, the sound of the band evolved towards a rapid and atmospheric black metal hailstorm with an intention to avoid live drums, relying on the impeccable soul of the drummachine instead. In the band chose its current name, which .
  3. By Faukus on
    The holiday of Passover (Pesach in Hebrew) is perhaps one of the most central to Jewish life and history. More widely observed than any other holiday, Passover celebrates the biblical account of the Israelites’ redemption and escape from years of Egyptian slavery.
  4. By Zololl on
    Jun 01,  · If you like URSKUMUG - Pāreja (The Passover) CDR (), you may also like: As Was by Black Anvil. A creative and challenging record that pushes US black metal forward by folding in hefty classic hard rock/metal riffs. Bandcamp Album of the Day Jan 13, go to album. Cairn by מזמור.
  5. By Arajas on
    Videos: Passover Playlist By: Emily Teck | Posted on: April 04 For a few years, dozens of Jewish holiday videos were released in the weeks leading up to our celebrations, giving us many awesome options to enjoy and to share with our kids and social media feed. The fad seems to have lost some momentum but here we have collected a few.
  6. By Garg on
    If you like URSKUMUG - Pāreja (The Passover) CDR (), you may also like: Magnificently brutal black metal from Norway’s Cor Scorpii, the songs on “Ruin” update the genre’s classic sound with new intensity. Mixing medieval folk and black metal, the French band take us an epic — and loud — jaunt through medieval times.

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